Joker vs. Taxi Driver



(Mild spoilers) Joker is certainly a good movie. I appreciate a more serious and psychological superhero movie grounded in realism, Phoenix is fantastic and the cinematography and set design is stunning. But, the story is just Taxi Driver beat by beat without the morally complexity that made Taxi Driver such an obsessive experience with elements of King Of Comedy sprinkled in. A mentally ill man who thinks society abandoned him and doesn't have a political agenda becomes a local hero after an act of violence. He was convinced to get a gun, lies to his parents about his career, has a girlfriend who he values more for what he wants her to be rather than who she is, obsesses with a potential candidate for mayor because of someone he loves, etc. With an exception of the Batman tie-ins (including the great use of Thomas Wayne) and the mystery of his mum and who his dad is- it's pretty stale.

Taxi Driver by the edge.

Real Taxi Drive vs Wannabe Taxi Driver

The one where De Niro has the greatest pacing performance.


I will hail a cab.

Joker has more in common with Scorsese's other masterpiece, King of Comedy, but it definitely draws influence from Taxi Driver in many ways. Although Joker will be a movie heralded for its antisocial critique on a decaying society, it just doesn't stand up to an all-time film like Taxi Driver, which exists in a league of its own.

Taxi driver no competition

I enjoyed Joker, but Taxi Driver is my favorite movie, so yeah.

Taxi Driver, hands down...

To me its ridiculous that there is any competition. Joker is pathetically overly-simplistic, predictable and lacking in any subtlety or skill in how it conveys aspects of the story as well as any sense of authenticity. Taxi Driver, while occasionally predictable, is subtle, authentic, effectively atmospheric and clever in the way that it conveys aspects of the story.

I prefer Joker even while Taxi Driver is more influental.

While Joker is a very good film, Taxi Driver easily wins here. I think TheFireRises is just a Joker fan boy

tfw you create an account just to make a comment to call someone a fanboy