Joker vs. Avengers: Endgame



Endgame may be the highest grossing movie of all time but Joker is the better film/movie overall.

Joker is a sad sack waste of film in all honestly. It's DC's version of Ang Lee's Hulk. Artsy fartsy crap from people that don't know the source material.

Yep totally agree.

Tbf, this movie is not for simpletons or people with an attention of a potato.




Endgame by far, joker is crap.

Joker. Cxfate hasnt even watched it and is a marvel retard

TheFireRises is a idiot sucker everywhere.


Joker still

Joker is more my kind of movie.

I believe joker is better

Joker is more hard hitting, it takes you into some really dark places and leaves you there. With legendary acting by Joaquin Phoenix, IMO this film is above and beyond any MCU movie to date.

Endgame mostly crushes here and most everywhere.

Joker is a movie that carries crap nonsense lack of a film, on the other hand endgame delivers greatness watchable epic film of Allen being.

Joker is my #1 film of the year so far.

To flip ahead joker is mostly an unwatchable nonsense movie.


Joker is my #1 film of the year. I still need to see Endgame? I have Avenger Fatigue.


Have to go with Joker, maybe if we were talking Infinity War I might give that one a slight edge over Joker but by much. Joker is insanely well made and thought provoking. The cinematography; acting, and music was all an A+

Endgame absolutely crushes here.

Both are great but endgame wins by a small margin

One of the year's best popcorn flicks (Endgame) vs. one of the year's dullest, bleakest movies (Joker). I know where I'm going...

Have to admit agree about joker is mostly forgettable none simple great factor, endgame is far the greatest epic far sensational films of the year.

Avengers Endgame was the worst film I’ve seen all year and was one of the most boring, tedious and overlong films I’ve seen in my life. At least in Joker Joaquin Phoenix gave a memorable performance and the film took serious risks that paid off at the end of the day. Joker>>>>>>>>>>>Thanos

Avengers Endgame was the worst film I’ve seen all year and was one of the most boring, tedious and overlong films I’ve seen in my life. At least in Joker Joaquin Phoenix gave a memorable performance and the film took serious risks that paid off at the end of the day. Joker>>>>>>>>>>>Thanos

Joker is much better! Endgame was nowhere near as good as infinity war and felt like such a slog to get through

Honestly, Joker is a crap movie that does nothing but showcase one actor's ability to be a nutjob. A 4/10 movie shouldn't be talked about in the same breath as Avengers.

The Joker is a phenomenal movie. It will be hard for some the swallow but it isnt afraid to dive deep into the psyche of mental illness and violence, which is a scary topic for some. Just my 2 cents.

The Joker isn't a deep dive in to anything. It's an awkward, poorly written mess that apparently some people like to pretend is something more than it is. Obvious "plot turn" if you can even call the story a plot. It's more of a ramble designed to showcase one actor's abilities. No action. No heart. No fun. No intrigue. No brains. Just an acting presentation.

Agreed joker is a movie that doesn’t carry a lot good more intense motion just isn’t almost a real great film but endgame is the winner of special effects of the year as it come.

Quite interesting. Most love Joker, some hate it. Personally, I like it but I find it somewhat overrated. The beautiful direction, amazing performance by Phoenix and an attempt at refreshing themes on violence can't take away from the fact it's practically Taxi Driver without the complexity that made Taxi Driver such an iconic bit of cinema! Avengers Endgame is a bit of a mess with maybe too much fan service but it's so damn Epic!


Joker comfortably. Much better soundtrack, acting and plot. Much more well paced and enjoyable. It's an oscar winner CBM, not a pop corn flick.

Endgame is a classic. Joker is... well frankly, an overrated joke but not in a good way at all.

CaptMarvelous believes that IM2 is better than TDK, his opinion is not meant to be taken seriously.

FireRises keeps posting repeat comments so here I am back again.

"Honestly, Joker is a crap movie that does nothing but showcase one actor's ability to be a nutjob. A 4/10 movie shouldn't be talked about in the same breath as Avengers." - why wasn't that the last review/comment here? That's so true that it's drop the mic stuff.

Joker is better movie although endgame is fun

Admire as joker is certainly predictable, not required of a source true modern classic, but endgame is clearly the greatest yet well proving.

lol no endgame is the one that's predictable af

Highest rank box office occurs endgame.

Joker is dog crap. Had to be said.

Joker won oscars, something your trash avenger movie will never do.

This site hates Joker and TDKR for some reasons.

Joker and TDKR are the far hated for reasons .

Ummmm most people hate Joker and TDKR for two reasons.... 1) minority praise is overzealous and 2) both are not good. The Joker has single performance merit but the supporting cast SUCKED and the story was nonexistent/terrible. TDKR is the worse offender. Nolanzombies praise anything he does even the disappointing garbage. TDKR ended the trilogy horribly. Poor action, DUMB story with no development and laughable plot flaws.

how is the story terrible in tdkr and joker

You talk about flaws, when you're the biggest Marveltard on this site? Your top 10 is full of Marvel films and you hate anything released by Nolan or DC, you're a delusional fanboy and a suspected/known alt of Avenger7 aka Jellowjacket the obsessed DC hater that wants marvel to win everytime. I like how biased you are, the story was poor? It was nominated for best screenplay, dumbass Marvel fanboy. Also, the praise is high check IMDB and opinions, you're just a massive fanboy who prefers even TLS and IM2 over TDK and TDKR, fucking pathetic.

Joker is considered the better film, because it has some message unlike Trashgame, which is a massive disappointment and it's rep got wrose after release. Marvelzombie ahahah

Endgame is better, joker is disappointing modern crap of a film.

Endgame is better, joker is disappointing modern crap of a film.

non of them is crap but one is better

Who even wants for joker be the nominal success best movie of all greater of the terms, in fact certainly it was dull and primarily crap dumb story not term it did as the dark knight did, endgame sort of had some great charming moments with good among to be the best film of 2019 that far.

Joker is still complete dull and forgettable.

lol why did my comment got removed

Never seen Endgame so I can't compare it to Joker. I will say Joker is a pseudo intellectual film. Arthur Fleck is an underwritten character so the audience can use him as a surrogate for their own suffering and pity him when he is beaten down. Taxi Driver, Clockwork Orange and The Dark Knight are all superior for a myriad of reasons. I honestly think Joker is about as generic as you can get. Completely predictable and insincere in it's themes and ideas, it's the equivalent of a horror movie, the audience just wants to see the main character let loose and kill a bunch of people and at no point did I think he was justified or that his reasoning was interesting or layered. At least horror movies have sex, what annoys me so much about Joker is that people prop it up as a deep film. They spell out the message and it's not interesting, every other character is a caricature and feels lifeless which is why when Arthur lets loose I didn't care. Gary and Randal were the exception except Randal's death was unjustified, their was no reason for Arthur to kill him because of his own fuck up yet the movie presents it like he is in the right or at least has some reasoning. It's honestly pretty fucked up that the movie is mostly justifying his random murders, their's no pathology or psychology, just man beaten down, feels sad, goes bad shoots people, it's the most uninteresting to write the Joker. If Joaquin Phoenix wasn't in it it would be a 1/10 movie, he elevates it to a 5/10 movie. Also it rips off Gotham and the telltale games literally nothing about it is original.

I wrote that once I have no idea why it is copied 5 separate times.

I wrote that once I have no idea why it is copied 5 separate times.

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Joker and TDKR are the far flawed disappointing films ever, and @noobpb17 needs stop it.

Endgame and Infinity War are the far flawed disappointing films ever and @Mdimmock63 and @Mazevents need to stop spamming

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Endgame by far, joker is terrible.

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How does even joker gets even better source here, it is just total of awful waste of a film.

Endgame made some best standard box office of the year came.

and Joker is the most profitable comic book movie ever

Stop it, you can prefer Endgame a movie i liked, and i prefer Joker. What's hard to understand???

Joker is just complete boring piece of crap trash disappointment of a film.

Joekr, 11 oscar nominations and rtings prove you are wrong.

Joke is an underrated crapfest boring film.

Joker is a great movie, you're just hating.

Joker is crap and you are an idiot sucker.

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That Joker was overrated garbage to be honest.

Joker was much better, the fact that you used three accounts just to comment in the thread is something right?

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Joker is a great film (and one that critics stupidly underestimated), but I liked Avengers: Endgame more.

Joker is a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000times better movie. Endgame is garbage, fully flawed and wastage of time

Maybe the last of the big box office FOREVER. Yet, Avengers earned its money. Far better movie flaws and all. Joker is rightfully labeled an overrated nothing burger by most at this point with reflection.

who's the "most" you're talking about

Endgame mostly stuck the ending. Stumbled but had SO much to deliver. Whereas The Joker is one note and vastly overhyped.

Joker is pitty fucking far better than garbage endgame

Joker is pitty fucking far better than garbage endgame

Like most notice, Joker is garbage pretending to be something more.

ah yes "most" aka the only 1 or 2 dudes you've talked to in your entire life

Endgame is a satisfying conclusion with some big flaws in it. And Joker is the best DC movie since The Dark Knight. Joker wins

two of the best movie of 2019. non of them is overrated, i prefer endgame

True. Non of them are overrated at all. Endgame deserves it’s praise for ending a cinematic universe in a great way and Joker deserves it’s praise for being one of the best DC movies ever

joker is still far better, how is it out of top 1000

Joker is such a good movie that is even better than the nolan trilogy, endgame is such a garbage conclusion to a mediocre cinematic universe