Halloween II vs. Halloween II



Anyone who chooses '09 over '81 is dead to me. Or sleeping heavily.

It has been argued that the hospital scene is better in Zombie's movie, and while it is the only standout scene in the movie, I simply don't agree. '81's Halloween II is an under-rated classic of horror sequels, and picks up brilliantly from where the original left off. It is certainly far from the original's equal, but it keeps in the spirit. '09 Halloween II plays off like Zombie giving his wife more screen time, the white horse motif seems very silly and crowbarred in, and Loomis has inexplicably gone from badass to jackass. NO contest.

Don't even compare these two!!

Halloween II is a great movie, but H2 is so fantastically surreal. The main characters spend the last third of the film cosplaying Rocky Horror!

Halloween 2 '81 is not even my favorite halloween sequel (halloween 4 is ) It still has some strengths with having Jamie Lee and Donald Pleasance back. I actually enjoy the beginning more when he is walking around than the hospital stuff but anyhow '81 for sure. '09 is pure garbage. It was painful to watch and it is easily one of the worst horror films i have EVER seen.

This isn't even close. 81 over 09 all damn day!

Not a fan of either, but the '81 movie at least has things in it that are good... or tolerable... or not rage inducing.

The 1981 movie is the better one. Michael Myers is scarier in it and I don't care for the mask in the 2009 one. Also, in the remake, Michael isn't wearing his mask in some scenes, which to me, makes this movie not as scary as the 1981 movie, where he doesn't take his mask off at all. But, I still enjoy the remake very much.

1981 version is so so so much better than the 2009 version

The original -.-

I'm expecting to be the only one to pick Zombie's Halloween II... but I'm picking Zombie's Halloween II.

81 ALL THE WAY. The opening dream sequence is the only good part of 09!

An underrated masterpiece (H2 1981) > One of the worst movies ever (H2 2009)

2 Halloween 2s? Which one? JK

Wow so crazy 2 people picked the newer Halloween 2. Halloween 2 is like thee best sequel in most genres!

1981 stomps that piece of garbage

I’m with almost everyone else here. 81 is an excellent sequel to the original, while 09 is just awful, that craps on the first RZH movie, and the Halloween legacy. While it isn’t the worst in the series, it’s still nowhere good or even mediocre.