Halloween II vs. Friday the 13th Part II



No comments on this matchup? Ok, well, for horror sequels these are both really strong for very different reasons. The short version is i like Halloween as a series more than Friday the Thirteenth and i'm taking it here as well.

Halloween II is pretty stupid, mostly because of its twist. I mean...really? You might as well make Loomis their uncle and it would make just as much sense. It's awful. The rest of the fipm is entertaining enough, but not on the same level as the original. Friday the 13th Part 2 was stupid as well, but at least that film seemed aware of how silly it was. I think it's the more fun of the two.

I love them both for being a big part of my childhood. Friday 2 is my favorite of the series I think. Halloween 2 is my third favorite so I'm going with Jason.

Ermmm....very tough one. But I have to go with Friday 2. I love Halloween series just as much but my opinion of Halloween 2 has declined a bit over the years.