Wes Craven's New Nightmare vs. A Nightmare on Elm Street



on 7/19/2009

The two best of the Elm Street movies, and both great in entirely different ways. Gotta go with the original, but that's no insult to NEW NIGHTMARE, a fantastic flicker in its own right.

on 11/10/2010

Not easy, because both are great and the best of the Nightmare movies

on 3/29/2011

Both are greats of the series. The original is the best. The feel of it can never beat any of the other movies.

on 11/15/2011

New Nightmare is definitely one of the better sequels, but the original is still at the very top of the bunch and always will be.

on 7/22/2012

Both are two of the series best. New Nightmare is the best sequel, but the original will always be the best film.

on 12/1/2013

The Original, although WCNN was freaking brilliant.

on 12/1/2013

I enjoyed New Nightmare, but I can't go against the original...

on 5/28/2014

Still gotta go with the original it introduced Freddy and had the better kills and story Man I love the genius of New Nightmare but still The Original wins.

on 1/3/2016

Man, New Nightmare is brilliant! But I'll take the original here.

on 6/11/2018

The original takes it. Love New Nightmare and Dream Warriors as well.