Alien: Covenant vs. Prometheus



I'm the weird guy that loves both of these, but Covenant just barely takes the cake for me.



I still enjoyed Prometheus for what it was, while Alien: Covenant disillusioned me to the current state of the Alien franchise. Even the most ardent critics of Prometheus admit it was grand and spectacular to look at, while Covenant managed to make the South Island of New Zealand look drab, compressed and boring. For a director who has prided himself in making some of the best looking films of the last 40 years, that is unforgivable. And that is the least of Covenant's problems. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; it's not the worst alien film, but it might be the least interesting, which is worse in some respects.

I'll give the edge to Prometheus....

I honestly enjoyed Prometheus slightly more than Alien Covenant even though I didn't want to. Sure Covenant continues the story of David, but why did the entire Alien franchise have to turn from humans fighting Aliens for survival to survival of AIS against humans?

Covenant isn't a satisfying Alien prequel OR Prometheus sequel, and the aliens look kind of odd. I'd have preferred it if Scott had just filmed Jon Spaihts's original Alien: Engineers script, but of the two films it's inspired, I prefer Prometheus.

I assumed Covenant would be the more accepted choice - but I totally agree with the Prometheus preference. Prometheus gave it the old college try, and while it didn't really succeed too well, it was its own thing. Covenant goes through the motions so unconvincingly, it's a slog from start to finish.

Alien: Covenant is gaaaaaaaaarboooooooo. Or, well, it's not THAT bad, but what a complete nothing of a movie. It's the equivalent of sticking your head in a giant pile of dust...1. there's nothing of interest to find, let alone something to find period, and 2. why would you ever waste your time and energy with sticking your head in a pile of dust anyway. Prometheus at least was ABOUT something, it had characters DOING things. Alien: Covenant is like Ridley Scott's extremely aggressive response to the people who criticized Prometheus. Characters do stupid things? Fuck it, these characters won't do anything at all! The backstory to the Xenomorphs doesn't make any sense and takes too long? Fuck it, here are the Xenomorphs with no backstory whatsoever! It's easy to make fun of Prometheus, but at the end of the day it was still okay, I thought. Alien: Covenant on the other

Alien: Covenant

David (or Michael Fasbender) really saves these two! Prometheus is clich├ęd, illogical and at times hammy. But on a positive note, I was consistently engaged and the direction was stunning. It explored the mythos of this world. Alien Covenant is a film I could've gone without seeing for the rest of my life and I wouldn't have missed anything. It's predictable, dull and slow. No tension, video game-like action and a weak plot threading it together. It's like Ridley had a vision to expand the Prometheus story with Covenant but was too afraid to move forward with it so instead did nothing at all!

If I would choose one.. Prometheus Oh my god these ppl maaan don't know their worlds xd did you see alien? Covenant literally fucked the suspense and became a slashershit

Prometheus is my favorite of the Alien movies.

Prometheus for me. Even with its flaws I enjoyed it more than Convenant. Ridley added something new and fresh