Alien: Covenant vs. Star Wars: The Last Jedi



Two 2017 sequels the audience went to see wanting only to rip into it to the finish. I seriously enjoyed both yet, and I went really interested into the messages they sent. Hence why that choice is a tough one for me. I think I'll go with Alien, but don't really know why.

Alien Covenant is trash. Last Jedi slashes it up with a lightsaber

Alien: Covenant was one of my absolute least favorite films of 2017. The Last Jedi wins without a doubt

Both films that didn't cater to my set of expectations, but I enjoyed nonetheless. Star Wars is immensely more entertaining, even though I liked Covenant.

It's funny how these two are often being compared as degrading their respective franchises by devaluing established cannon, featuring unenjoyable, inconsequential plots, riddled with plot holes and unlikeable characters, with people arguing that Covenant deserves a free pass because "The Last Jedi does all the same stuff". And yet I have to disagree, both with the assertion and to a certain extent the reasoning. The Last Jedi is flawed to be sure, but the risks it took seem to have been made out of genuine creative intrigue on the part of Rian Johnson. The creative process behind Covenant seems to have been made purely out of cynicism by Ridley Scott, who seems less interested in developing the Alien universe (though that venture seems like a lost cause at this point, considering that even Scott admitted that the Alien is pretty much finished as a horror entity) and more interested in trying to cover the same themes as Blade Runner without touching the Blade Runner franchise (which thankfully was left in the hands of Denis Villeneuve creatively). What's more, I found The Last Jedi to be a much more entertaining film, and regardless of what flaws it created, it ultimately didn't effect the films which came before it canonically. As a prequel, Scott has damaged the integrity of the rest of the Alien franchise by offering a boring origin story for the Alien (an entity that arguably didn't need an origin story in the first place). Star Wars wins.