A Clockwork Orange vs. Fight Club



Rather than go on a long rant about how toothless and pedestrian FIGHT CLUB is, I will simply propose a substitute of infinitely greater quality...


These are usually not too hard. But this is the third one today that is kinda insane! No fair. :( Well, Clockwork wins this time.

Easy... A Clockwork Orange was better in every way.

ACO has more boobies. And Beethoven. That's all I can think of offhand that trumps Fight Club. There's just such great philosophy in Fight Club, and I don't care what anyone (PROTOZOID!) says about it. ACO may be a recognized classic, but I'm not comfortable with the fact that it claims profanity as art. That wouldn't even be so bad if not for the fact that it's like 2.5 hours long and I never have any wish whatsoever to watch it again (I've seen it five times and cannot honestly say I still enjoy it or draw anything at all from it, whereas I must've seen Fight Club like 100 times and still love its every aspect).

I say Kubrick wins over Fincher. Now if I have to compare the novels, Palahniuk wins over Burgess.

For my first matchup, I'm not sure I could get more difficult than this. I've seen 'Fight Club' many more times, and I also read the book recently, but for me 'A Clockwork Orange' takes it by the skin of my teeth.

Fight Club used to be my #1 film before I saw ACO. Then it became my #2. Since I've read the original novel of both several times, ACO still stands strong. Fight Club however has dropped below my top 20.

I give FC ****1/2 stars, but ACO is a masterpiece.

Both films drag at times in the last half, ACO moreso. Fight Club.

these are both 2 of my fav!!! can't choose!

Fight Club was just the better and more superior film

Thought Fight Club was a bit overrated in comparison to Clockwork Orange. I'm going with Clockwork.

Alex DeLarge beats Tyler Durden!

Both are masterpieces, but I must give ti to Fight Club.

Clockwork Orange has really stuck with me through the years, while I found Fight Club forgettable...

Fight Club's like a teenager's primer to existentialism. Fuck it, it's barely even decent. I was too inundated with dystopian imagery before I got around to ACO for it to really impact me, but there's a lot to admire. To the guy who said ACO "presents depravity as art", the depravity in ACO extends the film's themes more than anything in Fight Club, which in typical postmodern fashion is mostly just "wacky, random" ornamentation (soap lol!).

Fight Club, for sure, though I adore Clockwork

Love em both, but I prefer Fight Club.

Both in my top 5 but Kubrick beats Fincher on this one.

My two favorite films but A Clockwork Orange wins

I am going with A Clockwork Orenge

Sorry I spelled orange wrong

I'll take Kubrick

A Clockwork Orange. A masterpiece

Awesome matchup we have here. Arguably two of the most controversial films in cinema history. Both challenge your mind about society, but in different ways. I'm gonna be in the minority here and say Fight Club was the better movie. I found it to be more compelling, more thought-provoking, and better written than Clockwork personally.

I'm not one of those people who worships Fight Club, but yeah, it wins here.

ACO is so hugely better.

fight club is a technically great film, but i hate it and popular interpretation of it is disturbingly shallow. i love clockwork though

Fight Club is more entertaining, Clockwork Orange sucks againts Fight Club!

A Clockwork Orange is more mesmerizing.

Going with ACO.

Kubrick films are generational masterpieces more than anything of the solid overrated fight club.


Two great films with a slight edge to Fight Club.

Whoever says Fight Club wins will become a dirty alcoholic and will be beaten by Alex Delage and his gang.

Fight Club is much better. Now if I was comparing the books, Clocky Orange by a landslide.

Both great films, but Fight Club is just more entertaining (not to mention more rewatchable).