A Clockwork Orange vs. Aliens



Easily the hardest one so far... gonna have to go with Aliens, only because I've known it longer - and it's always been one of my "desert island" movies.

Aliens is more badass. Not saying that Clockwork Orange isn't though.

Kubrick beats James Cameron any day.

As great as Kubrick was, aside from 2001, he didn't make a single film better than Aliens in my eyes.

I'd take Aliens over every Kubrick film.

Aliens is an awesome movie, but it doesn't beat a masterpiece from Kubrick.

Kubrick beats Cameron

Kubrick>Cameron. Aliens is one of my go-to action flicks, but it doesnt really compare to ACO.

A Clockwork Orange didn't do much for me, I had trouble connecting to it. Aliens for me.

Aliens all the way....