A Clockwork Orange vs. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas



Oh goodness. Tough choice. I'll take...Fear and Loathing.

Both quintessential headtrip films. And both are kind of harsh and unpleasant. A Clockwork Orange I find a bit overrated. Tough to watch, and not quite as pointed as I think it aims to be. Fear and Loathing on the other hand... I wouldn't say that it's underrated, and I wouldn't necessarily say it's a good film. But it's not in conflict with its own pretensions the way Clockwork is, because it doesn't seem to have any. It's a drug trip. And it's the most accomplished and genuine cinematic representation of that experience I've ever seen. In a close call, I'm going F&L.


Las Vegas was more of a headache. Play me some Ludwig.......

Two sort of controversial films from viewers, I'll admit to have been kind of disgusted with Fear and Loathing the first time I watched it but it's grown on me a little since then because of other aspects of the film such as the cinematography, and Johnny Depp's performance as Raoul Duke. Even so, Kubrick's film is more special to me.

Loved both, but A Clockwork Orange is better IMO.

What's it going to be then, eh?

This would get ya sharpened up, for a little bit of the ultra-violence!