A Clockwork Orange vs. Raging Bull



Hmm, now that I think about it, I think ACO is a little better.

Damn...Raging Bull wins. I think.

A Clockwork Orange.

On second thought, Clockwork wins.

One of the toughest choices on this site, I'll go with Clockwork for now but that could change.

I thought both of these films were incredibly overrated. I guess Clockwork is kinda interesting though.

Orange is so fascinating and deep social commentary that is relevant and creepy with sex and violence in youth has gone too far and how do you solve the issues that plauge the western world the music ad setting still haunts me! Orange is still my #1

Oranges slighters over Raging Bull

clockwork edges it out

Gotta go with Kubrick over Scorsese on this one, like most ones!


Clockwork it is.