A Clockwork Orange vs. Requiem for a Dream



on 10/16/2010

Clint > Ludwig?

on 10/17/2010

i vote Requiem for a Dream

on 10/23/2010

Old school f'd up Vs. New school f'd up. I have to go new school.

on 12/4/2010

Requiem for a Dream is the most heavy-handed, cliched take on a movie about drugs ever made.

on 2/19/2011

An ironic pair. They areso close to each other, at #4 and #6, on my Top 50 favourite films list. I won't say which is which. It's better that way.


on 2/21/2011

I love both these films for their innovative and provocative ways of telling a compelling and revealing story about our darker nature. Both films are about addictions and how lives are destroyed or altered by their abuse. Clockwork Orange deals with gratuitous sex and violence and the numbing of its effect on modern day street thugs. Requiem deals with the downward spiral of drug abuse. Both films are well acted and brilliant. I give a slight edge to Orange because it's a a little more honest.

on 3/8/2012

Clockwork Orange.

on 5/17/2012

Two graphic and unforgettable films. Going with Kubrick over Aronofsky.

on 7/10/2012

ACO by a mile.

on 2/7/2013

A Clockwork Orange.

on 2/8/2013


on 2/8/2013


on 2/22/2013

A Clockwork Orange

on 9/4/2013

The old ultraviolent.

on 5/5/2014

This is so hard! Both films took cinematic experimental leaps that I can appreciate, but Requiem will have to win it for me

on 3/3/2018

Clockwork Orange for sure. I couldn't watch Requiem For A Dream, i turned it off halfway through because i was deeply shocked by the material i was seeing. A Clockwork Orange was disturbing to me but i enjoyed it so i kept watching whilst i didn't enjoy Requiem For A Dream so Clockwork Orange wins