A Clockwork Orange vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



ARGH! Who can choose? Both brilliant examples from a cinematic genius.

Kubrick v Kubrick. This isn't fair. Do we want his commentary on technology or society?

This isn't fair!

My mind is going... I can feel it. 2001!

well that's just impossible

Both are brilliant, both helped invent their sub-genres of science fiction, and both are tout de forces. 2001 for me though if only because it is a little better than Clockwork Orange.

Gotta go 2001.

Two of Kubrick's best this is a hard one. It has to be... A Clockwork Orange

Kubricks should always be high up anyones list. But 2001:ASO is just one of the (if not the) best movies ever made! Not even Clockwork Orange comes close.

This is extremely close. Clockwork Orange is my all time favorite Kubrick film. 2001 is a close second.

I agree completely. While A Clockwork Orange is a work of brilliance it pales in comparison to 2001, which is an absolute feast for the eyes, ears and mind.

Kubrick wins! Oh wait, I'm going with Clockwork Orange.


..............A Clockwork Orange

I always felt that ACO, despite being well directed, was surprisingly insubstantial and broadly drawn for a Kubrick film. I guess I just think he was better suited to cold, slightly autistic material like The Shining and 2001.

2001 A Space Odyssey is what I think the pinnacle of all Kubrick films.

I have to take a clockwork orange on this one, but 2001 is a classic too

ACO by far

ACO was a great movie but i prefer 2001

Both masterpieces. Both in my top 10 but A Clockwork Orange gets the nod here.

ACO sneaks by....

I have only seen 4 Kubrick films so far (both of these, Full Metal Jacket, and Dr. Strangelove) and A Clockwork Orange is the best and 2001 is by far the worst.

2001 is too good.

2001 is Kubrick's best work. Clockwork Orange is his strangest work. Far as I'm concerned, Clockwork isn't even Kubrick's second best. I put Strangelove and Shining over Clockwork as well. I would've loved Clockwork if it hadn't been so "in your face" with everything. I may sound a bit conservative with this sentiment, but I thought it was too over the top. The same overall message could've been accomplished with a little more grace.

Loved 2001, but clockwork had a more compelling story.

A Clockwork Orange got better after a re-watch and I realised how well directed it is and the complexity of the character of Alex, but 2001 is still my favourite Kubrick and more amazing to me.

Love ACO... but I'll pick 2001.

A Clockwork Orange is currently my favorite movie so 2001 loses out

I love Clockwork and is probably the most entertaining Kubrick film overall but 2001 is a better film it's a true work of art

Clockwork, actually

A Clockwork Orange has an impact every time I watch it. 2001 is great but I prefer clockwork.

Both Science Fiction classics by the great Kubrick 2001 is just so beautiful looking great Effects especially for the time in 1968 and A Clockwork Orange is really unique but my decision is final A Clockwork Orange is the winner of this match up ;)

2001 wins for technical brilliance, but out of the two of them, I would rather watch A Clockwork Orange again.

2001 is great but a little slow while Clockwork Orange is a great commentary on socity issues its scary/dark and erotic like all of Kubricks films lol. Orange is sooo good one of my all time fav films.

A Clockwork Orange for Edward Elgars Pomp and Circumstance No.1 & No. 4 in it.

Kubrick is in my top 25 greatest directors list and im a fan of both these films both have deep social commentary and are very relevant today I feel 2001 gets more credit as a sci-fi masterpiece because not many people have seen or understood Clockwork Orange but the film stays as my #1 film!

Clockwork is slightly higher on my list and I just rewatched it this morning, so I'll say Clockwork.

Don't like either. Wouldn't ever watch either ever again. 2001 will always be considered the greatest sci-fi film ever to all the best sci fi directors that came after like Spielberg, Lucas and Zemeckis so it's worthy of all-time lists simply for that fact alone. Maybe there's no E.T. or Close Encounters or Star Wars or Back to the Future without 2001. Clockwork is such a twisted, disturbing plot that it's not a movie I'd recommend ever. The rape scene to singing in the rain is so horrid to me, that I couldn't ever advise someone to watch it. Much prefer the Gene Kelly version.

Clockwork orange wins because of its quouteability, witty dialogue, dark humor, and final act. Its rewatchable and an overall good movie. 2001 is a terrible movie with one or two iconic and good bits. Hal 9000, and the classical soundtrack, are the only redeemable things about 2001 a space odyssey.

I find 2001 overrated ad slow while Clockwork is fun in a twisted satiric way so I have to go with the more horrorshow of the two.

My two top films of all time. Both changed my way of watching movies when I saw them. But, as of right now...2001 is still my favorite film of all time.

Jack > HAL > Alex

Oh, my comment haha

Both are on my list of some of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time but 2001 is Kubrick's greatest masterpiece and greatest sci-fi movie of all time

Greatest masterpiece ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You seen Dr. Strangelove ?

I'm gonna go with A Clockwork Orange because Alex DeLarge is one of the most interesting characters in film history.

I'm starting to feel a little torn on this matchup, having just rewatched both again. I absolutely love both, though!

A Clockwork Orange gets my vote

I'm going with 2001. A Clockwork Orange has never worked as well for me. If I had to choose one Kubrick, though. It would be Dr. Strangelove.

I didn't love 2001 the first time I watched it. I'll have to watch both of these again at some point, but for now I'm going with Orange

2001. More consistent pacing, more ambiguity and visually more appealing. I also never liked the ending to Clockwork Orange. It seems like complete regression. Other than that, you still have a really good film! 2001 has one of the best endings in cinema. The first time I saw it, my mind was blown in confusion. Now that I know the meaning of the film, it’s just perfect visual storytelling to end one of the greatest films and achievements in history!

Just realised that that was the vote to put 2001 in front. Sweet! For that, it gets another vote because the film itself is so so good!

Very tough choice, gotta go with Clockwork Orange. My favorite film of all time :)

Very tough choice, gotta go with Clockwork Orange. My favorite film of all time :)


2001, hands down.

2001 is better providing quality, Clockwork Orange wasn't my good type of preference for me.

2001 is better providing quality, Clockwork Orange wasn't my good type of preference for me.


Two masterful Kubrick classics and 2001 wins because it is the best Science Fiction movie of all time.

As I get older enjoy 2001: A space Odyssey even more. A true Classic with great special effects.

As the great Anthony Burgess once said, "To entertain is far more difficult than to enlighten." Unfortunately, Kubrick did neither with these two films...

2001 for me. More impactful.

Science vs. Society. Kubrick's greatest film vs. Kubrick's weirdest film. 2001 wins.