A Clockwork Orange vs. The Shawshank Redemption



Geez Flickchart, you sure know how to break my balls!

Both prison and crime movies, and both legends of their era. The Shawshank Redemption wins though.

two of my top 20 Yeah Shawshank has a message it is a beautifull heart warming film, but we can say the same of A Clockwork Orange and the cinematrophy is just better in ACA so i'm picking my third favourite movie of all time


Never really understood the appeal of Clockwork. Shawshank for me.


im going have to side clockwork

my eyes were wide open when I first saw A Clockwork Orange but Shawshank takes the win

ACO wins

Quite easy actually: Shawshank!

Shawshank has climbed in the ranks to become one of the very most annoying films I've ever seen. Not to say it doesn't have its moments, but overall it bugs the hell out of me. A Clockwork Orange has a more perverse and insightful way of seeing things by my estimation. And it doesn't sink in a pit of melodramatic sludge like Shawshank. I'll take Malcolm McDowell's narration over Freeman's repetitive, maudlin narration any day.

Shawshank by mauling...

Shawshank Redemption is great, but A Clockwork Orange is pure mastery.



A Clockwork Orange is the favored film here.

the shawshank redemption beats clockwork orange

I really like Clockwork but Shawshank is my pick