A Clockwork Orange vs. Reservoir Dogs



Well that's interesting. Both highly acclaimed, both satirical on some base level, both make effective use of music and both are just a pich head-fucked. Sadly, the first third of Clockwork, like its controted and tangled dialogue, is wahey more gay and annoying than it is rib-tickling.

Enthralling and tantalizing depictions of violence!

My #1 and #2 movies.. but it's never been a hard decision. ACO is just my alltime favorite movie.

Not close.

A clockwork orange edges.

Both films are extremely dangerous. If you miss the subtle message, you could end up accusing them of glorifying violence. But RD is the full package. It's highly rewatchable.

I choose RD as well.

The Dogs wins.

Interesting matchup. RD has better dialogue and acting, but Clockwork has better plot and cinematography. In the end, Kubrick > Tarantino.

Reservoir Dogs. Kubrick is an amazing director, but I wouldn't even rank Clockwork in my Top 5 films of his. The Dogs on the other hand is my 2nd favorite Tarantino film, so it wins here.

ACO. Just think it's better...

ACO is better but Reservoir Dogs is amazing too

A Clockwork Orange. An absolute classic

This is pretty easy for me, A Clockwork Orange

Perros de Reserva.