A Clockwork Orange vs. Apocalypse Now



Wow...this one is hard. Coppola wins by a nose.

Very tough. These are both excellent, I think I have to pick Apocalypse Now just because the production was such a mess, it shouldn't have turned out nearly as great as it did.

Finally a real contender. Seeing as both are in my top 20 this is almost impossible. Clockwork by a big fake nose, my little droogies.

Well, Damn it.....

apocalypse now has some great scenes, but so does A Clockwork Orange, and it gets it's message across very well. And I believe, much more powerfully.

it's all a matter of which movie is more powerfull.... Apocalypse Now

Oh No.. Where is the "Tie" button ?

Not even fair to begin with. I remember walking out of the cinema after seeing CO, hating the movie, only coming to realize about 2 days later that I did not hate the movie, but the powerful message it sent. And AN? Must be THE strongest war movie ever. I guess we go with AN, as it was surely a much more difficult task to get Brando's Ego under control...

Clockwork was great, but loved the pre-prison part much better than the other... Apocalypse wins!!!

Welly, welly, welly, welly, well!

Like csimon84, these both make my Top 20. Apocalypse Now wins this matchup, but ACO is more than a worthy contender.

Bonemee couldn't have said it any better. These are two classic pieces of cinema. Great films in their own right, but I give the slight nod to Apocalypse Now. This was really tough.

ACO....just had more of an impact with me.

Apocalypse now for me. Both are pretty majestic, and I might enjoy Clockwork Orange in some parts, but Apocalypse Now is a moral journey through Vietnam.

The Incredibles is about to enter a world of pain.

Oh wait, wrong matchup. LOL.

I'm gonna go with A Clockwork Orange

Definitely Apocalypse Now, although ACO is pretty good too.

Both are equal in my book, but I think I'll go with A Clockwork Orange because it makes a greater impact on me.

A Clockwork Orange. Apocalypse Now is a bit of a chore to watch.

I'm switching to A Clockwork Orange

Simply easy A Clockwork Orange

I'm going back to Apocalypse Now

Pretty tough, but I'll go with Clockwork. I love Apocalypse Now a lot too. Both are my favourites.


Hard, very hard, but A Clockwork Orange just grabs you like nothing else.

Two of the objectively best films of all time! I do have my issues with both but I can see why they’ve been hailed so highly! What does my chart say?

Going With Apocalypse Now here.

ACO is probably more engaging, but Apocalypse Now has better plot development, better characters IMO, and it's a more iconic movie. AN FTW


Love them both but give slight edge to Clockwork Orange.

Apocalypse Now definitely.

the 2 best films of the 70s imo, very hard to pick a winner, need to rewatch

I think it is just a matter of taster both films are equal in terms of how powerful their message was but for me it would be 'A clockwork orange'.