The Philadelphia Story vs. It's a Wonderful Life



I really liked The Philadelphia Story the first time I saw it, but not nearly as much the second time around. It's a Wonderful Life has much, much more staying power.

It's a Wonderful Life. Great upon multiple viewings...

Slight edge to The Philadelphia Story. Jimmy Stewart AND Cary Grant in the same movie= fucking legendary.

I agree, Philadelphia Story takes it.

I enjoyed The Philadelphia Story, but I found it slightly overrated. It's a Wonderful Life without a doubt for me.

Philadelphia Story is a fine film but It's a Wonderful Life is one of Jimmy Stewart's best films.

I personally think The Philadelphia Story is a bit overrated...It's a Wonderful Life is a masterpiece.

Philadelphia Story for being one of the EXTREMELY rare times a love triangle actually works

philadelphia story easily.

I’ll add to the massacre

it's a wonderful life