The Philadelphia Story vs. Marty



I'm genuinely torn on which way to go with this match-up. On one hand, The Philadelphia Story embodies the kind of light-hearted romance driven by a love triangle (quadrangle? I mean- square...?) that makes any cinematic romantic comedy work. Were I to put TPS first, it would be because even with all their flaws, the characters of the story are so likable, so much so that Jimmy Stewart works in this comedic role better than any of his comedic performances that I've seen to date. Marty was heart-wrenching and something about a pathetic Ernest Borgnine just pulled and pulled at the heartstrings. Were I to give Marty the win, it would be entirely on the weight of emotion. I suppose the bar I'll measure these two films against is which I'm more likely to rewatch, and of these two, I'm more likely to head back to Philly, through no fault of Marty. It's just the kind of story I enjoy.