The Raid vs. 13 Assassins



I'm very, very, very surprised this doesn't have any comments. These are two of my favourite movies of the last few years. I think I will give the slight edge to The Raid for the unrelenting action- which is my cup of tea. :)

I loved 13 Assassins, but The Raid takes it. The fighting choreography in both films are great!

I liked The Raid, a lot, and I typically like hand-to-hand combat over swordplay but the last half of 13 Assassins is just too unrelentingly entertaining for me not to pick it.

The question.

Yeah, I'll definitely take The Raid as well. I'm also pretty stoked for the sequel.

"The Raid" for better pacing throughout and better timing of it's action. As a HUGE action junkie, it is REALLY weird for me of all people to say this, but the battle climax of "13 Assassins" goes on for too long

The martial arts and action in The Raid are awesome, but 13 Assassins is a great movie with action and samurai. Plus, the villain in Assassins is one of the cruelest and most despicable I can remember in film...I really wanted to see him get what he had coming to him. 13 Assassins is the reason I first considered watching the other great samurai movies like 7 Samurai and Yojimbo; The Raid was just a pretty good action movie with some cool fight scenes compared to it.

13 Assassins is a beautiful film. The Raid is great, but not epic like 13A.

They’re both great, but the raid series wins, plus the night comes for us

But I still do love that huge battle scene at the end of 13 assassins