The Raid vs. Flash Point



Yeah, The Raid wins this easily. The MA child in me finds The Raid's mainstream momentum a little disheartening though. Don't get me wrong, it deserves all those mo'erfucking accolades and plaudits and shit given how well put together it is, but we've seen much more skill demoed in many more movies that people won't ever pay any attention to. Flash Point is not even close to being as action heavy as The Raid, but when it gets in its zone its choreography is both better conceived and better executed (with one exception... wait for it). It's an expo on thudding, full-contact energy and effortless grace. Don't get it twisted though, the finale in The Raid is way too sick. That shit is too righteous, even for Flash Point.

It's all about the little details, yo.

"Don't get it twisted though, the finale in The Raid is way too sick. That shit is too righteous, even for Flash Point." Righteous is the word and that's what it all comes down to. Flash Point is way too slow for its own good and we've seen that story told a bazillion times before. We've seen The Raid before too, but never that good. Donnie/Chou is ridiculous - I'd say top 5 of the last 10-15 years. But The Raid's finale...I won't say it outright crushes Flash Point's, but it spanks it. Plus it keeps your attention for its entire running time, PLUS a memorable villain, PLUS a sweet score. Throw in another couple near-classics like the Jaka/Mad Dog fight and the lab raid, and the win really is as easy as you made it out to be. I'd say the only Flash Point has got on The Raid is the intricacies in its finale. Not really a knock on The Raid, though. Them boys were going for sheer brutality.

Just might be my second or third-favorite fight scene behind Jackie/Ken Lo.

I dunno. I think the fights in The Raid are very good, but even the finale's *fighting* isn't Top 5 in and of itself. It's augmented by the style and sights and sounds of the film, but, as good as it is, I've seen Jackie and Tony (and others) do better quality stuff in shorter flashes. Like the baseball bat scene in Gorgeous. A short 30 seconds of sweet choreography and rarely ever spoken of again. The "in and of itself" argument doesn't really matter because the sum-total of scene is still 5xBadass. The fact that the fight science is bolstered by other filmy-type things doesn't detract from the movie or the scene... just making a point about the artistry of the chopsocky.