The Raid vs. Supercop



The Raid is a better film than almost all. It's a better film-maker's action film than most. It's a better film-maker's martial arts film than most. It is NOT, however, a better martial artist's martial arts film than most. Iko Uwais doesn't cut it with the big boys (and girls) as a screen fighter. He's totally outmatched by the martial artists I grew up watching (or even grew up with, I suppose). He's the kinda dude you'd give props to if you saw him strut in your local gym (even then he'd have competition). But he's not at my local gym, he's on the world stage. He's not clean or technically great. He seems stiff and slow in comparison to the supple, lithe stars I'm talking about. Compare him to Lee and Lee's speed. Or Yen's. To Jaa's complexity. To Biao's disregard for gravity. To Michelle Yeoh's clean form and lines (how wonderful she is in Supercop with that dancer swag). Not to discredit the guy too much because he is very competent. Supercop is nowhere near as good a film as The Raid, but I'd wager any two of Yeoh's and Jackie's kicks against any ten of Iko's. Speaking of Supercop, have testicles ever been shown larger that the ones we see in that film?

Larger testicles? No, sir. Jackie's balls were touching the ground from the helicopter he was hanging from. As for Iko's skills - can't say I disagree. I think I give him more credit than you do. He's no Jackie, Jet, or Jaa, but I still think the guy deserves to be on the big screen. A couple of his co-stars (Ruhian and Taslim, namely) outshine him, and he does look a little stiff during the group scenes, but I don't think the guy looked bad, for the most part. Anyway, now you've got me wanting to watch the other guys' movies.

And he's only gotten better since then. He's gotten faster and he's got more swagger. Cleaner too, I think. But I'm still siding with Jackie. Supercop's good enough to beat The Raid, but only just.