The Raid vs. Fist of Fury



Apparently Bruce once said "I want to make the most fuckingest action picture ever." He did fulfill his dreams in a sense; Enter the Dragon is the best action movie of all time. However, it's the best because he's the best and he’s the best because he's Bruce Lee and I'm me. But "best" is not "fuckingest", is it? Discounting this overwhelming man-crush, I guess I could almost say that Ong-Bak and Tom Yum Goong are the fuckingest action pics of all time. The Raid is almost a blend of Tony Jaa's best efforts and Gaspar Noé's Irreversible. Sure, the choreography in The Raid is nowhere near as intricate as OB or TYG (sort of excepting the two vs one climax, which is breath-taking craftsmanship), and sure, Iwo Ukais is nowhere near as dexterous as Jaa, but the flick tops everything else for sheer brutality. And I don't mean comical brutality or gore-fest brutality. I'm talking impactful, fuckingestistic brutality. Also, the directing style is disorientating, which is something I generally despise in action films. But man, Evans was savvy about when to be disorientating. Like Gaspar Noé, Evans spins and pans the camera and focuses in and focuses out to make you feel woozy… and then he sucker punches your ears with a simple, yet intense drum beat that plays consistently until it buries itself in your brain like a worm (props Mike Shinoda). The savvy part is, he only does this when he knows it won't obstruct the actual display of close-quarters combat. Great stuff. Wait, even the characterization of Rama is pretty slick. It's nothing deep and maybe it is unoriginal, but there's something that screams BAMF when a dude wraps up Fajr, bangs out a few pull-ups (or was it chin-ups?), kisses his wife goodbye and then goes to town to shoot and kick some fucking ass. The Fist of Fury still wins (because I love it and enjoy it that much), but yeah, The Raid is probably the fuckingest action movie ever.

High fucking five!

Both are fabulous. The Raid takes the win.

The Raid wins, but Raid 2 would beat