Spider-Man 3 vs. Superman Returns



Man, there are a lot of bad comic-book movies.

Wow, bad superhero sequel vs. bad superhero sequel.

Superman Returns was overdramatic, boring and way too dark. Spidey 3 was a little bit entertaining at least.

I cringe just thinking of both of these movies. Spiderman was slightly better. Superman was just utter garbage.

Spider-Man 3

.......I just don't know.

I don't think Superman Returns would have been nearly as bad if about 90% of the characters weren't totally miscast. The only one who fit their character was Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. In that case, I will choose Spider-Man 3 because I can still find a bit of enjoyment in it, despite its flaws.

superman returns looks like superman 2 compared to SM3

Superman Returns soars as often as it strains, whereas Spider-Man 3 strains more than it soars

Superman Returns is so much better than Spider-Man 3 it's not even funny.

SPIDER MAN 3 was a major disappointment after SPIDER MAN 2. Too much thrown in and not all of it handled very well. SUPERMAN RETURNS was disappointing in that it seemed that there was really no new ground covered, Lex Luther was back with a real estate scheme and he managed to used Kryptonite to disable Superman. However, SUPERMAN RETURNS get the vote from me for Brandon Routh's performance. Both of these were missed opportunities.