Spider-Man 3 vs. Batman & Robin



Wow. Which franchise got MORE screwed up? Batman, I suppose. They killed Venom (which is unforgivable), but I did at least find SOME things to like about Spider-Man 3.


I told you that in the battle of crummy Super Hero movies I always pick the one with Batman in it.

Wow both these movies suck. Guess I'll go with Spider-Man cause at least I like him more then the nipple chested Batman.

Even Spidey 3 beats B&R

Were Mr. Freeze's icy puns worse than Peter's emo version of Saturday Night Fever's opening with James Brown music? Which great villain was bastardized worse--Bane or Venom? Were the Bat-nipples more cringe-inducing than the Peter-Harry conversation at the coffee shop? The answers aren't that easy, friends. But in hindsight, at least B&R proved to be the all-important wake up call WB needed, allowing them to bring in Christopher "Sex God" Nolan. Spidey 3 only led to a pointless, disappointing reboot. Still, going with Spider-Man.

Even Clooney picks Spidey here

Batman and Robin. Even if you don't enjoy the storyline you can enjoy the flashy visuals, you can't do that with Spiderman 3, and Venom was totally miscast.

I understand the flaws in it, but Spider-Man 3 is a whole lot better than Batman and Robin. Spider-Man 3 is actually a film I can watch in a Spider-Man marathon while Batman and Robin is just a chore to sit through. And I'm a huge Batman fan...

Spidey 3 was brutal...but this is an easy choice...

SM3 was bad but not THAT bad

I didn't even cringe half as much during SM3 as I did during B&R...