Spider-Man 3 vs. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones



I hate both of these films equally... damn. Trashing my childhood favorite or a superhero musical... I hate I have to choose Lucas.

Wow...truly the lesser of two evils...

Two of the worst movies EVER.


Come on people, except for the acting of the romantic leads Clones was pretty good.

Both sucked... Star Wars II was the most horrible film in the series, and Spider-Man 3 was painfully dreadful. Having to choose though, I guess I go with Star Wars...

Idk both kind of sucked in my opinion ill have to go with Star Wars though


Attack of the Clones. I'm not really a Star Wars fan s I really enjoyed it for what it was. However, I was expecting far more from Spider-Man 3 than what it delivered.

any thing is better then attack of the clones.

Damn, I think I'll go with Spidey. I was never a huge fan of the Spider-Man series so the third one didn't sucking didn't pain me nearly as much as a Star Wars movie sucking.

^The third one sucking didn't pain me.

SM3 makes AOTC looks like ESB

Ya damn straight! Spider-Man 3 makes the entire prequel trilogy or even the sequel trilogy look like the original.