Spider-Man 3 vs. Men in Black II



Two lackluster sequels. I have a hard time saying that either completely sucked...but which was LESS disappointing? I dunno....

battle of the bad sequels


Spider-Man 3 was less of a run for the exit flick.

both unnecessary sequels

Spider-Man 3 at least has some ambition, even if it doesn't accomplish nearly everything it sets out to do. Men In Black II was just a rote, mechanical rehash.

Yeah, SM3's only crime was it was too ambitious and too overcrowded. They at least aimed high and did deliver some things that worked quite well. That Peter/Harry air battle will always be a classic and most action sequences were superb. MIB2 was rehashed crap on a stick and nothing more.

Spider-man 3 was at least fun and re-watchable I really dont care for MIB2

Both were horrible movies, but while Spider-Man 3 was epically bad, at least it didn't piss on the original...too badly.

Definitely Spider-Man 3. Don't get me wrong, it's not a good film, but I could definitely name something I like about it (the action sequences and Sandman effects). That's two things more than I liked about Men in Black 2.

Spider-Man 3 wasn't all that bad, nah...Men in Black II is a lot bader than they make.

MIB2 by far. SM3 was really bad

I really liked Men In Black and Spider-Man 2, so seeing Spider-Man 3 and Men In Black II’s quality drop so low was disheartening to see. Men In Black II wins but I’m not happy about it

Spidey 3, at least I can name parts about it that were good, can't say the same for MIB2

MIB2 is so much better than Spider-Man 3 it's not even funny.

Both are very bad movies, there are a bit more things to enjoy in Spider-Man 3 than Men In Black II