Spider-Man 3 vs. The Dark Knight



Marval vs DC. Joker beats Venom, but Spiderman beats Batman.

Uhhhh...one of the best comic movies vs. one of the worst...hmmmm...

Not so hard of a choice, "Spiderman 3" didn't live up to the expectations set by "Spiderman 2". "Dark Knight" was great and gave a new perspective on one of our favorite comic characters.

The best super hero movie of all time vs. one of the worst

The Dark Knight is better then all the Spiderman movies. The Spiderman movies haven't aged well.

Dark Knight is considered by the majority to top Spider-man 2, but at least it's still a contender. Spiderman 3 isn't even on the ballot. Dark Knight for the Win!

Laughable...beyond Laughable.

Dark Knight any day.

This matchup is a bit of a joke. Spider-Man 3 could have been good had it not have so many damn villains (they should've saved Venom for another time). The Dark Knight crushes it hard.

I don't know which interpretation of a beloved superhero is more emo, but I know which is more entertaining.

Spidey 3 managed to find supporters? Interesting...

The Dark Kinght is a masterpiece and spiderman no


Please erase Spider-Man 3 from my memory bank.

I actually don't mind Spider-Man 3. There are some good elements but there is bad stuff also as well as the fact that there's way too much going on. The Dark Knight, on the contrary, is a perfect movie that happens to be complex and extremely well written!

The dark knight crushes spiderman 3.

spiderman 3 is ok, dark knight is excellent

It is far frequently pure dumb of anyone would want pick Spider-Man 3 over TDK here..

Bruhhh Spider-Man 3 is whaaack, The Dark Knight is my favorite film of all time so it wins by a MILE

i'm glad everyone agrees

I'm one of those people who genuinely defends Spider-Man 3, so, instinctively, I 'wanna' go with SM3 just to be contrarian, but even I can see that this is a pretty definitive win for TDK...

The Dark Knight, no contest