Spider-Man 3 vs. Spider-Man: Homecoming



Controversial stance time: All three Raimi Spider-Man movies are better than Homecoming and that includes SM3.

Spider-Man 3 was only average but it was still better than the soulless, PC driven Homecoming which lacked a compelling/new story and even exciting action. No McGuire, No Raimi means No Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 3 gets better with age. Even Tobey and Raimi's weakest entry beats this PC Spider-Child. Hopefully adding age will improve the current Spidey because Holland can really grow in to the roll.

I like Homecoming, and I like Hollands Spider-Man, but I would much rather watch Spider-Man 3. It is much more entertaining.

homecoming bad agree with me plz

Agree. Homecoming was NOT good. Spider-Man 3 delivered many many good things even if overcrowded.

btw what are the politics in homecoming can someone explain

Homecoming was filled with too many sjw needless shallow changes. Changing ALL of the supporting cast away from their source material to check "diversity" boxes. Removing character traits in Peter for PC reasons. Fake MJ spouting radical nonsense whenever possible. ETC.

YES spider-man 3 >>>>> mcu shit