Spider-Man 3 vs. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith



Turd sandwich or giant douche?

"We've got spirit; yes, we do! We are sandwiches filled with poo!"

Spidey 3. The prequels were so bad that it made the original trilogy feel irrelevant.

I hate the star wars prequals, but revenge of the sith is the best out of them. Spidey 3 is garbage and one of my all time worst movies.

Two movies that were hated upon their release, but over time have grown to more loved. And both feature amazing soundtracks! Going with ROTS here.

*Grown to be more loved.

ROTS Is overrated but still better than SM3

Spider-Man 3 is better than anything not the original Star Wars. Not even close.

Spider-Man 3 is worse than every Star Wars movie, even The Last Jedi, not even close.