Spider-Man 3 vs. The Mummy



Flickchart was right, this is the Hardest. Choice. Ever. Both of these movies are fantastic and both are the best of the trilogies they are apart of. Spiders Vs. Mummies. Darn it Flickchart! This is impossible!

I was under the impression that Spider-Man 3 was defintely NOT the best of the trilogy, but the opposite, in fact! Each to their own though of course. This does not make it any easier a choice however....

There's no way in hell that Spidey 3 is better than Spidey 2. If somebody wanted to pick it over Spidey 1, I'd still wonder what they were smoking, but...

Oh, I should say that picking it over The Mummy is not necessarily wrong, though...

Spider-man 3 is a mess but still better

The Mummy

Spider-Man 3 had its moments and is vastly better.

Because every movie that wasn't made by Marvel Enterprises For Grabbing Idiots' Money sucks, right?