Spider-Man 3 vs. Space Jam



Oh good lord. It's one of THOSE match-ups. I guess I'll go with Spider-Man for at least being partially entertaining.

Space Jam due to nostalgia

Space Jam was fun. Stupid, but fun. While I enjoyed the first two Raimi/Maguire installments, the third was terrible. Exploring Parker's 'dark side' fell flat even before we got to the hammy musical number. The fight scenes were uninspired and of all the villains in Spidey's history, Venom, Hobgoblin and Sandman are scraping the bottom of the barrel. If I had to pick which of these two films to watch again, it'd be Space Jam, cuz it delivers as advertised. Stupid fun. Spider-Man 3 was just stupid.

The embarrassing dancing in SM3 can be forgiven for being slightly fun. Space Jam, on the other hand, I won't be watching again.

Michael Jordan n' Bugs Bunny act way better than emo Tobey Maguire here guys. Deal with it.

Even without Michael Jordan's involvement to push what plot there is forward, Space Jam still feels like a better constructed story than Spider-Man 3, which seems totally directionless with every single character in the film.