Spider-Man 3 vs. The Amazing Spider-Man 2



Spider-Man 3

People owe 3 an apology after ASM2.

"People owe 3 an apology after ASM2." Indeed. SM3 may have stumbled a bit and been overcrowded but it did a lot right. ASM2 is a pure abomination that rivals Batman & Robin at the bottom of the barrell.

Really? I didn't love AS2, but it was oodles better than Spidey 3.

AS2 makes Spidey 3 look better

I actually really enjoyed both movies. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wins.

Both are by far the messiest Spiderman movies to date. But I always do get a kick out of Spider-Man 3. Whereas, TASM 2 was atrocious and not a whole lot of fun.

No way amazing spider man all the way man

The ASM movies are completely out of the league of the first two Raimi films but I did enjoy this one more than the third Spider-Man movie, if only because it didn't have much to live up to.

Watching ASM2 simply makes me think of what SM3 actually did right - Sandman transformation sequence or the Peter/Mary Jane relationship issue stuff (before Harry recovered his memory). Whereas I disliked almost everything about ASM2 (except when Andrew Garfield is in the Spider-Man suit, but even that doesn't pick up my interest that much).

At least TASM 2 Didn't give us pelvis thrusting Peter. TASM 2 is better IMHO, more action, and less boring, pointless scenes. I hated the romantic scenes in the first 3 films, they focused way too much on it then they did on Spider-Man. TASM 2 has great action sequence in the beginning. Actually 2 1 after the other.

It's quite a feat that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 managed to actually be worse than Spider-Man 3. Now, neither is absolutely terrible and therefore not close to being on the same miserable level as Batman & Robin, but for highly budgeted superhero films, they certainly are...underwhelming.

As much as people love to shit on Spider-Man 3 (and I can understand why), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a WAAAAY worse film. Way worse. So okay, they're both overcrouded and messy, but Spider-Man 3 wasn't even a tenth of the bland commercial dreck that was TASM2. At least it still had fun sequences thanks to Raimi's direction (who nails the tone that a Spider-Man film should have). You can't tell me with a straight face that actual care went into TASM 2; the film was littered with product placement, the film had worse CGI than Spider-Man 3 (which was released 7(!) years ago), the villains were awful and the plot was almost non-existent. Spider-Man 3 had problems, like Emo Peter and the overabundance of subplots, but at least it still had that fun vibe of the first two films. TASM2 was a complete 180 in terms of tone compared to the broody first film, which wasn't even that good to begin with. Raimi's a way better director than Marc Webb, and Spider-Man 3 is a way better film than The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

And who can't forget that amazing Sandman sequence? That alone shows you that so much more care went into that film than TASM2. And at least Spider-Man 3 had an ending, it didn't end with the EXACT SAME ENDING SHOT FROM THE TRAILER. Poor Rhino fans.

overcrowded *

Why are you making me compare the two worst Spider-Man movies?!

Spider-Man 3 has merit. ASM2 is dogshit. Not even close here.

AMS2 smokes the third, though I'll argue neither are good.

Spider-Man 3 did a lot right as has been mentioned. ASM2 did everything wrong and is better left on the trash pile of history.

Spidey 3 stumbles a bit here and there, but it ended the series in spectacular fashion and holds up due to a strong emotional core. ASM2 has nothing going for it, everything was wrong.

well, Spider-Man 3 is no longer the worst Spidey film.

ASM2 tries to do too much, but I still put it above the crashing and burning of what could have been a great trilogy

Spidey 3 may have tried too hard but it does deliver a lot of good things. There is not ONE good thing about ASM2. Not one.

I personally enjoyed both movies but if I had to choose one then compare Gwen's fall in both movies will answer for you