Spider-Man 3 vs. The Amazing Spider-Man 2



Spider-Man 3

People owe 3 an apology after ASM2.

"People owe 3 an apology after ASM2." Indeed. SM3 may have stumbled a bit and been overcrowded but it did a lot right. ASM2 is a pure abomination that rivals Batman & Robin at the bottom of the barrell.

Really? I didn't love AS2, but it was oodles better than Spidey 3.

AS2 makes Spidey 3 look better

I actually really enjoyed both movies. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wins.

Both are by far the messiest Spiderman movies to date. But I always do get a kick out of Spider-Man 3. Whereas, TASM 2 was atrocious and not a whole lot of fun.

No way amazing spider man all the way man

The ASM movies are completely out of the league of the first two Raimi films but I did enjoy this one more than the third Spider-Man movie, if only because it didn't have much to live up to.

Watching ASM2 simply makes me think of what SM3 actually did right - Sandman transformation sequence or the Peter/Mary Jane relationship issue stuff (before Harry recovered his memory). Whereas I disliked almost everything about ASM2 (except when Andrew Garfield is in the Spider-Man suit, but even that doesn't pick up my interest that much).

At least TASM 2 Didn't give us pelvis thrusting Peter. TASM 2 is better IMHO, more action, and less boring, pointless scenes. I hated the romantic scenes in the first 3 films, they focused way too much on it then they did on Spider-Man. TASM 2 has great action sequence in the beginning. Actually 2 1 after the other.

It's quite a feat that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 managed to actually be worse than Spider-Man 3. Now, neither is absolutely terrible and therefore not close to being on the same miserable level as Batman & Robin, but for highly budgeted superhero films, they certainly are...underwhelming.

As much as people love to shit on Spider-Man 3 (and I can understand why), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a WAAAAY worse film. Way worse. So okay, they're both overcrouded and messy, but Spider-Man 3 wasn't even a tenth of the bland commercial dreck that was TASM2. At least it still had fun sequences thanks to Raimi's direction (who nails the tone that a Spider-Man film should have). You can't tell me with a straight face that actual care went into TASM 2; the film was littered with product placement, the film had worse CGI than Spider-Man 3 (which was released 7(!) years ago), the villains were awful and the plot was almost non-existent. Spider-Man 3 had problems, like Emo Peter and the overabundance of subplots, but at least it still had that fun vibe of the first two films. TASM2 was a complete 180 in terms of tone compared to the broody first film, which wasn't even that good to begin with. Raimi's a way better director than Marc Webb, and Spider-Man 3 is a way better film than The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

And who can't forget that amazing Sandman sequence? That alone shows you that so much more care went into that film than TASM2. And at least Spider-Man 3 had an ending, it didn't end with the EXACT SAME ENDING SHOT FROM THE TRAILER. Poor Rhino fans.

overcrowded *

Why are you making me compare the two worst Spider-Man movies?!

Spider-Man 3 has merit. ASM2 is dogshit. Not even close here.

AMS2 smokes the third, though I'll argue neither are good.

Spider-Man 3 did a lot right as has been mentioned. ASM2 did everything wrong and is better left on the trash pile of history.

Spidey 3 stumbles a bit here and there, but it ended the series in spectacular fashion and holds up due to a strong emotional core. ASM2 has nothing going for it, everything was wrong.

well, Spider-Man 3 is no longer the worst Spidey film.

ASM2 tries to do too much, but I still put it above the crashing and burning of what could have been a great trilogy

Spidey 3 may have tried too hard but it does deliver a lot of good things. There is not ONE good thing about ASM2. Not one.

I personally enjoyed both movies but if I had to choose one then compare Gwen's fall in both movies will answer for you

the gwen and peter scenes saves TASM2

People STILL owe 3 an apology after ASM2 and the ASM two crapfests for that matter. Well, apologize right now young man!

Spider-Man 3 is now very underrated looking back on it. Awesome action, great soundtrack, and a lot of just awesome moments overall. I'd still take it over both TASM movies and both Holland movies.

they are both bad but Amazing Spider-Man 2 is slightly better

Lol, not even the first TASM could beat and Tobey Spider-man movie. Not even the weakest one.

spiderman 3 is ok nothing special, amazing spider man 2 is garbage worst spiderman movie

Both trash, but at least the amazing spiderman 2 wasn't completely awful

I really wish people would re-evaluate Spider-Man 3. Sure, it's flawed, but it's by no means bad. TASM2, while perhaps not 'terrible', is still the worst Spider-Man movie to date, and it arguably repeats some of the same mistakes SM3 made (most notably an overabundance of villains).

They are both bad, but Garfield and Stone’s chemistry, plus Gwen’s emotional death gives it the edge over Spider-Man 3.

TASM2, at least it didn't retcon spider-man's defining moment so that they could shoehorn in another bad guy

TASM2 actually starts out pretty OK imo, but then quickly becomes such a slog... I've tried revisiting it on multiple occasions, but I honestly find it almost hard to finish. I'll still rewatch Spidey 3 to completion whenever I revisit the Raimi trilogy tho