Spider-Man 3 vs. Alien³



As much as David Fincher got screwed making Alien 3, it doesn't come close to matching how Sam Raimi got screwed making Spider-Man 3. Alien 3 is much more watchable.

they're both pretty awful. but Alien 3 is more entertaining and less damaging to the source material.

Ah, the ugly step children of each franchise. Both directors were harmed by studio interference and being rushed. Fincher is arguably the better director, though Raimi had a firm grasp of the Spiderman series by the time he came to the third. If only the studio left Raimi alone, we could have a proper capstone to the trilogy and perhaps a fourth and fifth movie. Alas, it was not to be and Spiderman 3 turned into a complete mess. Alien 3 is fairly medicare, but never falls into the total clusterf- that Spiderman 3 does.

I actually think Alien 3 is a fantastic thrill ride. It suffers from flaws, and I'm the first to admit that, but it offers so much entertainment! Spider-Man 3 is just a crap fest.

Alien3 is a solid entry into the franchise. Certainly not the best, but arguably the bravest and most respectable, and definitely the most underrated. In my opinion, it would have been a perfect way to round off the franchise until Resurrection and AVP reopened old wounds. Spider-Man 3 on the other hand is pretty bad, although it comes from what I consider to be an inferior franchise, so this wouldn't have been a contest anyway. Alien3 slaughters.

Ugh....frankly, both disgust me.

Easiest choice ever made. Alien 3 makes Spidey 3 look like Citizen Kane.

Both are bad terrible but Alien 3 had better impact moments.

Spider-Man 3 finished off what is still considered a truly great trilogy. Meanwhile, Alien bullcrap has been lost since the second film.

Alien 3 is like a vision of hell. I'm sure those condemned prisoners expected hell after death. But not BEFORE it!

Alien 3 may be nothing far that bad, but as Spider-Man 3 is as far terrible worst awful on every level.

Yeah both are ruined on bad ending trilogies but alien 3 had better pacing here.