The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 vs. Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III



three wasnt awful but Chainsaw 2 was fun and had crazy scenes!


2 is balls to the walls 80s extragavanza! 3 is neat little very F13th sequel esque 90s slasher.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a decent movie, 3 is terrible...Enough said.

I know I’m very alone when I say this, but Chainsaw 3 by miles. Chainsaw 2 is one of my least favorite horror movies. Now that’s not to say Part 3 is any good, it’s still bad. But it’s just average bad, Chainsaw 2 is horrendous and on the same level as Scream 3 or Zombie’s Halloween II. Chainsaw 2 is a disgrace, as it actively goes out of its way to humiliate its icons. They turned Leatherface from one of the scariest characters in film ever made, into basically a dog in love. It’s insulting. He even gets beaten in a cheesy chainsaw fight and hit in the head with a hammer by his grandpa for laughs. Not to mention the part where he uses a chainsaw to represent his sensual needs, ugh. Oh and that stupid dance he does with the protagonist, for, love I guess? I don’t know if it’s supposed to be scary or funny, but I certainly know it’s dragged out too long. Chainsaw 2 also suffers from new worse characters. Lieutenant just sucks. He just acts backwards and stupid the whole movie but still somehow beats the villains. And while Stretch isn’t nearly as bad, she just has nothing interesting going for her. She just says like 4 words over and over and grunts. She’s no Sally, that’s for sure. The movie’s second biggest problem is the comedy. Now don’t get confused, I was actually up for the comedy. I thought it’d be like Gremlins 2, being more self aware and nonsensical in a good way. But Chainsaw 2 just has awful comedy. I did already mention it ruins Leatherface for many flat jokes; but many of the other jokes have some of the worst delivery. They do like repeating moments of dark comedy in the original, but.. oh there is no but, it’s just the same joke again. But many moments in Part 2 are just confusing. Like when Lieutenant was testing out chainsaws. Like, what was that scene? Everyone was acting like Aliens and they’re was no real punchline or anything. Oh and remember when Stretch put her friend’s face back on his corpse, yeah.. so funny. Seriously though why did she do that? And I’m guessing the Sawyers were supposed to be funny considering how they act much goofier then the first movie. But I just found them obnoxious, they just yell out the same sentences for super dragged out scenes, they never have actual dark jokes. Really the only things I liked in this movie was the sets, acting, gore; And the movie’s biggest strength: Chop-Top. He had the only decently scary scene, and is played brilliantly by Bill Moseley. But with that said, he still overstays his welcome and becomes obnoxious like the rest of the characters. But with all that said, what about Chainsaw 3? Well, it’s not good either, but much better. Most of its problems are that one; it’s very stereotypical and bland. The characters aren’t awful, but they have nothing going for them. They’re just, walking meat bags waiting to die. The final girl is pretty bland, and maybe a little worse then Chainsaw 2’s. The movie also has so many fake out deaths that make no sense. You see characters very clearly die, but they just show up later to surprise the audience. It ruins any stakes the movie had. And the Sawyers are pretty bland and do nothing really scary. Just more of the same with way less substance and scares. And.. that’s about it. It’s a pretty forgettable movie, and I would say it’s bad; but not nearly as bad as Part 2. Overall, I despise Part 2, and just roll my eyes to Part 3.

I'll take the one with the dueling chainsaw battle!