The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 vs. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



Original easy. Never liked part 2.

Yeah, Massacre 2 ends up being too silly and over-the-top. I like it up to when the radio station gets trashed, but then it gets tedious. The original is still kind of scary and disturbing, even though I've seen it multiple times. The raw horror in the original is way more effective than the comedy horror in the sequel.

Despite being part of a franchise and directed by a same person, these are still very different films. I'd say number 2 is the more entertaining film, but the original is definitely the better made film, more dark, gritty and difficult to watch at times. All depends what you want at a given time, really, but like I said the first movie is the better film and that's the one that wins this battle for me.

Texas 2 all the way. A highly misunderstood Horror Parody!

2 is fun but that's it I'm going with the first

Going to have to go with 2. With the first one I just kept waiting for something to happen.

The original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is the best, and sadly, the only good one in the series.

I have a date with Leatherface this October.

While the first is a masterpiece of build-up and horror, and doesn't overstay it's welcome, the sequel was a massive disappointment for me, being honest it's likely a 2.5/10. It's not good at being scary, or funny. It also humiliates the iconic characters so much it might as well have had them run around in their underwear. Seriously, Leatherface is not a dog that makes thrusts with his chainsaw, the grandpa was not some old man joke, "haha, he hit Letherface on accident!!1", and they aren't supposed to be sawed in the butt. Not to mention the awful dialogue, and lack of characters in the.. characters. As a huge fan of the og Texas Chainsaw, 2 insulted me. The Director of it was Tobe Hooper, who worked on the first Chainsaw. And for someone who helped in the first, it's suspiring how he has no idea what he is doing. It is like Shane Black with Predator 4. But 32 years before it! So overall, the first one wins extremely easily.

Only the first Chainsaw movie is great, all the sequels or reboots ranges from mediocre to one of the worst movies

It can only be the first one. Chainsaw 2 feels like it was made because of a dare, any fun to be had from some decent practical effects is ruined by terrible writing and acting. I don't think any major horror franchise ever put out a part 2 that was as bad as Chainsaw 2.