A Christmas Story vs. The Dark Knight




Gah! A choice made in hell!


The Dark Knight wins again.

They are so different, I had a hard time picking. Went with A Christmas Story a wider audience likes it.

Dark Knight.

A Christmas Story. Never thought I would say this, but I loved the hell out of it. I will rewatch this every christmas, that's for sure.

A Christmas Story is one of the very few movies in existence that can top The Dark Knight.

This is tough. Casar brings up a good point but I think The Dark Knight is more mesmerising.

"I WANT A PENCIL!" "I'll... er, you'll poke your eye out kid."

Love the Dark Knight....but neither Batman, nor the Joker can top Ralphie....

For sure The Dark Knight I think Christmas Story is overrated that's just me

The Dark Knight was a fine superhero movie. A Christmas Story was just sad.

Christmas Story is good and all but it's no The Dark Knight.