A Christmas Story vs. Elf



So many memorable scenes make A Christmas Story a classic!

I will say that I can't stand A Christmas Story anymore because tbs decided to play it for 24 hours every Christmas. No human being can possibly like the film that much.

a christmas story is the defining movie for xmas. sorry will and zoey.

elf was a very good christmas movie. a christmas movie was not a very good movie. elf was hilarous

Jean Shepherd's narration alone wins this for A Christmas Story.

ACS is a smart, well-written classic. Elf is a bland conglomeration of tired jokes and uninteresting supporting characters.

A Christmas Story is so damn good I wish a television channel would play it on a loop for a whole day every Christmas. Oh, wait...

I believe that Elf is the better movie. Shoot me. Shoot my fucking eye out.

Two of my favorite Christmas movies! I chose A Christmas Story because it depicts what lots of kids went through during the holiday- wanting something really badly :P

I love both, but nothing beats A Christmas Story!

Elf does. They’re both great though.