A Christmas Story vs. Black Christmas



I get the feeling Bob Clark didn't really like Christmas.

Two of the greatest Christmas movies ever made.. and they're both by Bob Clark.

I grew up on A Christmas Story, watching it innumerable times and quoting it on a daily basis for years. If I had to compile a list of the most significant movies I saw as a pre-teen, A Christmas Story would easily place in the Top 10. The movie changed me in ways I may never fully understand. I watched Black Christmas just recently, and I can say that it will not hold much significance even out of movies I saw this year. It is true that I saw A Christmas Story during an impressionable time of my life, and so it had a better chance of getting me in its clutches. But them's the breaks. And I don't know that Black Christmas would've seemed all that much better when I was a kid, anyway.


A Christmas Story is an enduring classic and my favorite Christmas movie.

A lot of people hold a special place for A Christmas Story and while I definitely like it... I hold a special place in my heart for Black Christmas.

Both are overrated movies! Despite this I think that Lack Christmas wins by a notch!

Really? Black Christmas doesn't really hold up in my eyes. Ralphie dominates today...just like he did in the 80's.

.....scratch that...currently re watching Black Christmas and it is AMAZING!

to me I could not get into a Christmas story really have to go with black christmss

Black Christmas shows what can happen when there isn't a Red Ryder BB gun in the house for protection. A Christmas Story wins...

Black Christmas is one of my favorite movies of all time. The atmosphere is amazing and it feels like I could jump right into 1974 when I watch it.