The Sandlot vs. The Karate Kid



These are both quintessential childhood movies. Tough call.

A tough call, indeed. I must give the edge to The Karate Kid because it has the more memorable scenes (and it has the Cobra Kai).

The Karate Kid is good, very good, we all know that, but The Sandlot show a perfect imagination of the kids mind. The size of the dog, how mean and the rumors of it killing. The Sandlot was great with putting that so we can enjoy it. The sandlot.

The Sandlot was one of my favorite childhood movies... but still, Karate Kid.

The Sandlot

Oh my god... damn both are so special in my eyes its hard to pick one. But if i must ill go with The Karate Kid...i think i just died a little.

Sandlot just got put in a body bag....

The Sandlot by alot

I prefer the sandlot by just a little. Best your not the best of the best after all kid.