Clerks II vs. Clerks.



Only took 5300 rankings for this one to show up. Surprisingly, I don't recall many (if any) original vs. sequel match-ups. You'd think this would happen more often. Srsly. Anyways, not a hard choice here.

I'm going with Clerks II. I think its the better movie owing to Smith's experience level.

Clerks II is much better

Clerks was a great movie, no doubt about it. But Clerks 2 was better.

Tough choice but Clerks gets it

both are good .. gotta go wit origingal

People are insane to think Clerks II is better than Clerks.

Clerks II was funny, don't get me wrong. But Clerks was funny ART.

Clerks II was my introduction, oddly enough, and Clerks could only fall short when I got around to it. Nothing wrong with Clerks, but Clerks II had me rolling, porch monkeys. What? I'm taking it back.

I love both movies. And Clerks II even made me tear up. But C'mon.... Clerks by a mile.

Clerks 2 tries too hard to be an ok film... Clerks 1 just is a great film

Clerks 2 was the first movie I watched by Kevin Smith and boy will I never forget that moment. hahaha However Clerk was such a great film. It's the kind of film that I hope to make one day with my friends. So with that in mind I think I will have to go with Clerks. This is because it was Kevin's first film, it inspires me to make great films, and the Star Wars confersation never gets old. hahaha

Going with the OG.

I still haven't seen Clerks II, but there's no way it can top the original.


The original is in a class of its own.... priceless.

Clerks II was such a disappointment. I'm going with the original.

I didn't really like Clerks when I saw it. I didn't hate it but it didn't really do anything for me. I thought Clerks II was hilarious the first time I saw it but the second time I was less than impressed. I want to watch Clerks again and I'm pretty sure after I do it will pass the sequel but for now, its just below.

Have to go with the original here. They may in fact be my favorite two kevin smith movies, but nothing can top the masterpiece that started it all

Oh wow indeed. This is a big toss up... Clerks is classic, but Clerks II is more refined and engaging...

Oh, boy. I knew this moment would come. They're both brilliant films, without a doubt...but I have to give it to the original for more cultural impact and quotability.

The first Clerks was witty, hilarious and full of sarcastic humour. I loved Randel's rudeness towards the customers. Clerks 2 was absolute crap. Nothing like the first.

Clerks II was the first of the two Clerks movies I saw. Although I enjoyed Clerks., I think Clerks II was more engaging and funnier, probably due to Kevin Smith's experience.

One of the few sequels that are fan better comparing with the original. Clerks II it is!

Can't beat the original.


2 of my favourite comedies, but the first one is special


It definitely is close. I absolutely love the jokes in both of these films, but I have to go with the original for how original it is, and was at the time.

Both are absolutely fantastic movies, with great dialogue. But there can only be 1.

Clerks 1, although 2 was a very funny movie and a satisfying follow up

Imo, Clerks 2 is better than Clerks. While the first had better all-around humor/dialogue; the second one perfected the conflict and the characters. Not to mention it's much better aesthetically. Smith really evolved his directing craft by the time 2 rolled around and it shows.

One of the few times that the sequel lives up to the original. very close