Ninotchka vs. The Shop Around the Corner



Ninotchka is good, but it runs a bit long and sputters a little towards the end. The Shop Around the Corner is the best Ernst Lubitsch film I've seen.

Ninotchka is one of the best romantic comedies of all-time. I love Shop Around the Corner too, but I'll take Ninotchka every time.

The Shop Around the Corner

Can't say I really LOVE either...but I'm giving it to Jimmy Stewart...

I'm beginning to become a big, big Lubitsch fan. Ninotchka doesn't have quite as much charm as The Shop Around the Corner (what movie does?), and it relies more on outdated stereotypes, but how great is Garbo in the title role!?! It enters my flickchart as my third highest rated Lubitsch film, after TSAtC and To Be or Not to Be, but that doesn't mean I didn't love it wholeheartedly. It's the first movie that's made me laugh from happiness in quite some time.