Live and Let Die vs. Moonraker



Bond vs. Bond. Both super cheesy Roger Moore flicks. Even though Live and Let Die was a funky blaxploitation Bond, I think I'll give the nod to Moonraker, cause "Jaws" is one of the coolest Bond villains ever...

"Live and Let Die" for me. Jane Seymour was smokin' hot, Moore wasn't as cartoonish as Bond, and for once I preferred a non-John Barry score. Plus, it doesn't go into outer freaking space with laser guns.

First came Moonraker, then came Die Another Day. James Bond at his most over-the-top. Yeah, Jaws is cool, and Live or Let Die is far from my favorite Bond film (not even my favorite Moore Bond film), but Moonraker is...jeez...Moonraker.

Moonraker is hands down the worst Bond film, and the lame way they brought Jaws back in drove me CRAZY. Live and Let Die was weak, but it's by no means as ludicrously silly and stupid as Moonraker.

I always found the Roger Moore James Bond films to be weak. And these are the worst two. I will take Moonraker for two reasons: Jaws and Barbara Bach.

Wrong film, bro. You're thinking of The Spy Who Loved Me.

But anyway, the matchup. Moonraker sucks. Boring as hell, ruined Jaws, and, well,...boring. Really boring. I don't care if James Bond goes to outer space, it's just boring. Live and Let Die is pretty bad, but at least it doesn't make me fall asleep.

Yeah, I messed that one up. No Barbara Bach in Moonraker. Either way, I pick Moonraker, but I during those 20 nights of James Bond marathons, I don't watch either of the nights that these ones are on.

This site lists these movies under the genre "glamorized spy film." Is there any spy film that isn't glamorized? I'd like to see one where Bond gets caught and gets waterboarded for 2 hours.

@UncleFok For a spy story that isn't considered glamorized, see something like John le Carre's THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD or TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY.

@UncleFok: Well, Die Another Day comes close in that regard; too bad it's one of the worst Bond movies. That said, I'll pick Moonraker here because I've always enjoyed it tremendously, even though the film is obviously rather silly.

I really like Moonraker and find it to be a very enjoyable film. It gets the win over the good, but bizarre Live and Let Die.