Live and Let Die vs. You Only Live Twice



While YOLT has some excellent action sequences and cool locations, I was always soured by the inherent racism involved in disguising Connery as Chinese--and I really dislike the theme song; LALD, however, is Moore before he got silly.

Before there was the Star Wars James Bond (and Jason Bourne James Bond), there was the Blaxplotation James Bond. Live and Let Die is a very boring and unexciting James Bond. It's not one of the worst, but it certainly is one of my least favorites. You Only Live Twice has by far the weakest Sean Connery perfomance, and its script (written by Roald Dahl of all people) is pretty terrible. But...the movie is actually very entertaining. Donald Pleasence is great as Blofeld, even though it's not my favorite portrayal of the character, The action is also a lot of fun. And I love the ridiculous idea of a satellite 'eating' spaceships, to eventually return to a giant base in a hollowed out volcano with a fake lake. It's not the best Bond movie by any means, but it's an entertaining watch for sure.

You Only Live Twice wins by quite a bit.

Not a big fan of either of these, but Connery is clearly counting down the minutes until he can stop filming, whereas Moore seems to have been enjoying himself making LIVE AND LET DIE.

Roger Moore is my least favorite Bond overall, but Live and Let Die is one of my favorites.