Addams Family Values vs. The Addams Family



Another case where the original is markedly superior to the sequel.

The Addams Family is far from perfect, but nearly all the jokes in Addams Family Values fall flat. A very poor sequel.

I agree with the above comments. The Addams Family for me.

I think they're both pretty much AMAZING, but I like the storyline of the first a bit better, as the new baby character is kind of an unnecessary addition in the second.

They're both equal for me... but the first wins out due to a more consistent joke rate.

Hrm. I haven't seen either of these and didn't really realize there was a sequel. They both look kind of like the same movie from what I've seen in the advertisements and trailers. Not sure I'll see these any time soon.

I love them both but I actually prefer the sequel. The camp takeover was great.