Lawrence of Arabia vs. A Clockwork Orange



Classic mega super epic tale versus dark wacky disturbing cult tale -- I think Lawrence of Arabia is probably the better overall film, but I don't care. I'd prefer to watch A Clockwork Orange 10 times before Lawrence.

Lawrence of Arabia is the best epic movie ever made while A Clockwork Orange is an ok movie

Lawrence of Arabia by a nose.

I love ORANGE a lot more its my all time favorite film Arabia is great but not my thing.

Clockwork over Lawrence...

A Clockwork Orange is a cinematic milestone, and accomplished alot, but Lawrence of Arabia is the best made movie of all time.

Clockwork is a good Dystopian film before that genre was popular and talked about violence in society and ho you cant really change people however it is one of kubricks middle of the road films. Lawrence is in the top 10 masterpieces of cinema. Everything is done to perfection. It also has the greatest performance by an actor with Peter O Toole as Lawrence. If this was 2001 vs Lawrence that would be alot more challenging

a clockwork orange is very good, but Lawrence of Arabia is one of the best films ever made.

Lawrence easily!

Nah, Clockwork


Lawrence by a hair