Lawrence of Arabia vs. Casablanca



Oh ye gods why?

I fell in love with "Casablanca," but surely this one must belong to "Lawrence of Arabia." Incidentally, winning this match will restore it to my #1.

This website is cruel!

so tough, but I love me some Lawrence. It was the greatest film I had seen for a while, and it will stay at that top spot.


Um, I pick the one with Claude Rains! :P I love both of these dearly, but in truth it was LAWRENCE OF ARABIA that made the greater impact on me.

Lawrence for me.

Lawrence of Arabia is an impressive achievement, but the film's story gets redundant after a while. It takes a tremendous amount of patience to be able to endure the whole thing. Casablanca has a story every bit as good and it's about two hours shorter. For that, it wins here easily.

Casablanca easily for me...