Iron Man 3 vs. Thor



Now this is a tough decision for me! I think Thor is the better one.

I liked Iron Man 3 more.

Both being very good films makes this an interesting match and a very tough call. IM3 is the best number three film in recent memory but Thor did so much right.

I actually preferred Thor. I know, what a shock. I wasn't really pleased by IM 3

Thor was humorous in moments without going over the top with the yucks like Iron Man 3

At this point...I'll still go Thor. But I reserve he right to change my mind...

Thor is just good. Iron Man 3 is just excellent. I mean, Thor has some charming moments, but ultimately feels disconnected from the audience. Iron Man 3 doesn't. Boom. Badda-bing.

Iron Man 3 wins. Thor was fantastic though. Iron Man 3 was a bit better though.

For me,Thor really sucked. Easy pick.

Fire-breathing villains going against Tony?! I choose the mightier motion picture! Thor!

Really liked both, but I'm going with Iron man 3

Thor's biggest problem was that it didn't give it self enough time to let the core relationship develope naturally which may not be the most imporant aspect but it throws everything else off.

Ok, I got to the party with Thor four years late, having already seen The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World, but with Age of Ultron upon us, I decided to bunk up my ideas and get round to getting fully up to date with the MCU (Winter Soldier, as of now, being the only pre-Ultron film still on my watch list). I think that Thor is a well-intentioned film which, as first wave MCU films go, neither lives up to the wise-cracking, tongue-in-cheek pinache of Iron Man 1, but more surpasses the unmemorable Incredible Hulk (which needs a rewatch, but not immediately) and the cynical, mean-spirited, half-arsed, outright badness of Iron Man 2. It's visually distinct in its own right, even if the effects haven't aged particularly well in four years, and Chris Hemsworth did a good job of making Thor's character arc of disgraced, arrogant, entitled demi-god seeking redemption seem relatable, even if the film did at times feel at best a little hackneyed in its attempts to move the plot along/convey emotion and at worst feel downright cringe-worthy in places where humour was called upon. I didn't love it, but I enjoyed it enough to want to go back and view it again when I eventually do an MCU marathon, which is more than I can say for Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 (which I will probably watch out of necessity more than want). Against Iron Man 3 however, it doesn't quite make it. Say what you will about Iron Man 3's contrived sub-plot's for Tony Stark and controversial twist, I really enjoyed it. I thought it had some of the best action sequences in this series outside of the Avengers film (the skydiving scene and final dockyard confrontation being wonderfully kinetic, well-paced, invigorating sequences very much in the vein of Avengers' final showdown in Manhattan). It also had a lot of heart in it, something which Iron Man 1 had but occasionally overlooked for the sake of world building and Iron Man 2 lacked entirely, and although Stark's PTSD moments were something of an unresolved subplot, I did feel that they worked in as much as they added to his vulnerability and therefore made his development more believable. As for the twist, I think it worked, given the Iron Man film's penchant for commentary on corporate military activities, global terrorism and conspiracy theories, and it managed to pull it off in a way which both kind of made sense and came across (to me anyway) as pretty bloody hilarious. Maybe a re-watch will change my opinion, but for now, victory goes to Iron Man 3.

I like both as well. Iron Man 3 fell flat near the end I found and Thor was really good.

Iron Man 3 for actually being decent. But both are really on the middle of the road.

Two of the greatest genre films ever made.

Decent character introduction vs solid trilogy conclusion. Neither of these are anything amazing, but both in the upper half of the MCU. Iron Man 3 by a whisker, but it is close.

iron man 3 is great, thor is good

IM3 easily, thor is so meh except for the villain

Two average MCU movies that didn't stick the landing well, but much better compared to most modern MCU movies. Thor is a more consistent movie throughout

Except for the villain part and cinematography, Iron Man 3 beats Thor in every way