The Prestige vs. Braveheart



I will say The Prestige. I love both of these very much, but The Prestige deserves the win. It pulled me in, rocked my mind and left me feeling like a god. The ending nearly gave me a heart attack.

Braveheart is a top 20 material BUT!!!!! THE PRESTIGE IS NUMBER #1.the prestige wins

Braveheart is one of the greatest films ever made.

I own brave heart and its a great movie, but cmon its not better than the prestige. The prestige has a much better cast and dosent really have any pacing issues, also the ending is my favorite ever.

The Prestige. Such an excellent film with a fantastic finale. Braveheart is good but not extraordinary.

The Prestige wasn't a very good film outside of the cinematography and acting (apart from Scar-Jo), Braveheart was absolutely exceptional.