The Prestige vs. The Departed



This comes down to Scorsese or Nolan. I go with Nolan on this one.

Tough call. The Departed is excellent, but I think in the end, The Prestige is a better crafted movie. Gotta go with Batman vs. Wolverine here.

I like The Departed for holding up better on repeated viewings.

I pick Scorsese hands down. I think The Departed was way better, and has infinite rewatchability whilst The Prestige doesn't.

Actually, I think The Prestige has a ton of rewatchability. I think it's a perfectly crafted story, and while I feel The Departed is a tremendous film, I can't pick it here.

I liked The Prestige the first time I watched it. I LOVED The Prestige the second time I watched it, and I realized just how wonderfully crafted it is. The Departed is great, but it's Top 100 material for me, just. The Prestige is in my Top 5.

The Prestige got much more rewatchability, and I don't like The Departed a lot.

This shows how dark and awesome 2006 was

A brilliant director in his prime, a brilliant director past his prime. That's not said to knock The Departed one bit, but you can't beat the brilliance in its prime. I'm going with the Prestige.


Prestige for me as well. And I don't understand why some are claiming Departed has more of a rewatchability factor than Prestige -- I think quite the opposite.

Is Nolan the new Scorsese? I'm going with Nolan this time.

This time I'll go with The Departed.

Got to take The Departed. I do like The Prestige, but felt the plot was a notch below The Departed. It seemed to me everything fit together perfectly in The Departed, but there were a few weak points in The Prestige.

Loved both of these. Could pick either depending on the moment and not feel bad about it.

These are two films that I am not enamored with, but do appreciate greatly. I'd have to go with The Departed, because of the great acting by Damon and DiCaprio, while Jackman and Bale just weren't quite on point in The Prestige. Both solid films, however.

Both among the best of 2006. "Prestige" is more my style. Blows my mind every time.

The Prestige is a fabulous period piece and I'm really not a huge fan of The Departed. Bale and Jackman do a far better job as leads than Leo and Damon. The Prestige was the best film of 2006.

This one hurts...In the end, I have to go with The Departed, but The Prestige made it a close battle.

For me, it's The Departed just barely.

The Departed. The Prestige was great...but for doesn't measure up.

The problem with twist films is that the build-up has to be really really great in order to bring back a viewer. The Prestige does that - Nolan is actually exceptional at this delivery - and if I were comparing it to The Others or Phonebooth or The VIllage it'd be Prestige hands-down. But there's still a part of me that's just waiting on the end I already know is coming, and that part would rather watch the Departed.

Scorsese beats Nolan on this one.

The Departed, but it is very close.

Departed no doubt.

Wow I got at this epic battle a little late. I'm a huge fan of both but Departed will take my vote on this.

The Prestige but it's too close

Wow.Nice match up.Both are top 10 material.Prestige has the clear edge.But departed is worthy competitor.

2006 was a great year.

Yeah prestige wins

The Prestige

I concur with Bosman.

Departed but it's close

both great movie by amazing directors, but The Prestige is much more enjoyable for me

The Prestige is masterful. With powerful themes, complex characters, a good blend of different emotions, and one of the best cinematic twists ever. My one flaw is that I feel like the film was constructed in a nonlinear structure just for the fuck of it. I feel like a nonlinear story structure does require a good reason or some value to the story. For example, Memento's structure puts us directly in the same situation as Lenny, and make the experience just as disorienting for us as it is for him. Pulp Fiction literally only works in a nonlinear story structure. Even others like The Mirror have reason for the nonlinear story structure. The Prestige, on the other hand, doesn't. And if it does, then I clearly missed something. The Departed, on the other hand, is nearly perfect. It's stylish, crisp, super memorable, and one of the most invigorating and blood-pumping films I've ever seen. And that twist at the end flew me away a little more.

I love the prestige's atmosphere and the twist, but Scorsese has proven himself as a great modern director in the departed