The Prestige vs. The Godfather Part II



No Comments??? To be honest i'm taking Prestige. It's so entertaining.

Eh...Nolan can't match first two Terminatories nor Godfatheries.

I won't lie here .I like the prestige wayyy more than any godfather movie.Thats not saying that i hate godfather triology it is pritty good.But the prestige has been my no. 1 Since 3 years.Thats saying something.The prestige wins here

The Godfather Part 2, and it isn't even close. It's shot better, the characters are more developed and complex, it's more emotional, it's better edited, it's a more thematically and symbolically powerful movie, and the acting is much better. Pacino gave likely the greatest acting performance ever.


Godfather ll no contest.